Finding Humane Pet Sources

There can be a lot of animal cruelty in the pet industry.  Especially animals that are bred in puppy mills, with many similar cruelties that you would find in factory farms.  Below are resources and organizations to find pets bred without cruelty.



Adopt an animal from a cruelty free center near you

National Sites:

Greater DC Local Adoption Sites



  • Beltway Barks
    • DC Actors for Animals (DCa4a) coordinates adoption events, charity events, and fundraisers with local rescue organizations and animal shelters, provides world class entertainment, and promotes humane education for owners and animals-in-need in DC, MD, and VA. The cornerstone event is an annual star-studded adopt-a-thon, Beltway Barks, featuring musical performances, local vendors, and presentations of adoptable animals from rescue groups throughout the area.


Greater DC – VA




Greater DC – MD



Washingtonian: 8 Places to Adopt a Dog In Washington


Other Animal Friendly Services

  • Blue Collar Cats
    • The perfect new hire for wherever pests interfere with your inventory. These cats are not house pets. They’re strictly business. And their business is solving your business’ rodent problem.


Humane Pet Food and Treats

Many pets, such as cats and dogs, are carnivores that need to eat meat.  Look for pet products that come from humane farms, not factory farms.


ff_label.png Furry Foodie from Ayrshire Farm – Frozen Raw pet food – (order online, PetSage, The Big Bad Woof)

f0588690ff77d4c6781decfd1e368baf.jpg  Painted Hand Farm LIVER BITS – Pet Treats – (order online)

ls  Paris Barn (Santuary Farm) Home Made Doggie Treats – Pet Treats – (order online)


National Certified Humane

turkey-dog-front-.png cat-food_catch-of-the-season.png 39503-1470844082__60941.1481408019

Open Farm – Pet Food, Pet Treats – (order online, PetSage, Howl to the Chief, Kriser’s Natural Pet, The Big Bad Woof, Westwood Enterprises)

Answers_Pet_Food_Fermented_Milk-copy.jpg Answers Pet Food – formula, treats – (Doggie Style LLC, Mom’s Organic Market, Metro Mutts, Fido and Kitty’s World, Howl to the Chief, Wylie Wagg, Pet Mac DC, Pro Feed, The Big Bad Woof, Dogma Dog Bakery & Boutique, Westwood Pet Center, Club Wags, PetSage, Mighty Healthy Pets of CP, LLC)

primal-raw-goats-milk-supplement-for-dogs-and-cats.jpggoatmilk_cap.jpgPrimal Raw Goats Milk – nutrient rich pet milk *other Primal Raw products are not humanely sourced* – (Wagtime, Planet Pets, Doggie Style, City Dogs, Metro Mutts, Mom’s Organic Market, Fido & Kitty’s World, Howl To The Chief, Kriser’s, Pet Mac, Pet Pantry Express dba PetMac, The Big Bad Wolf, Westwood Pet Center, Dogma Dog Bakery, Natures Nibbles, Dominion Pet Center, Club Wags, Pro Feed Pet Nutrition Center, Pet Sage)

National Non-Certified Humane


Steve’s Real Food – pet food, treats, supplements *pasture raised beef, free range chicken, free range turkey, cage free turkey, pasture raised goats, *pork is humanely handled but not pasture raised* (order online, Big Bad Woof)



 Map of where to find these products in Greater DC





Pet Stores and Puppy Mills


10 Signs That A Puppy Is From a Puppy Mill



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