Finding DC Local Sources for Food w/ Higher Animal Welfare

The Realities of “Humane”

The Humane DC team recognizes that there are no 100% humane meat options and the best humane option is always to eat vegan.  The most “humane” animal farms out there often still support culling male chicken eggs, removing dairy calves from their mothers and ultimately sending animals to slaughter.

  But we also recognize that there are huge animal welfare differences between animals that are third party humane certified or pasture raised/grass fed and animals that are raised in factory farms.  While the majority of consumers may still adopt a carnivorous diet, it is important to remember that when buying meat, dairy or pet food, its important to always choose the most humane option possible.

Please understand often when we say “Humane” on this website we mean products that have a higher animal welfare standard and are closer to our ideal version of “humane” but does not necessarily meet our ideal version of “humane”.

pigs-in-factory-farm       VS     Some pigs in Dalarna, Sweden

The Animal Welfare Hierarchy

Regardless of where you shop always look for the highest animal welfare option

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Animal Welfare Certifications, Labels and Farmers



Where to Find “Higher Animal Welfare” Options in DC

Below is a list of ways to source meat, dairy and pet food, from farms with higher animal welfare standards, accessible to the greater DC (inside beltway) area.  ***These lists and maps are an on-going process and don’t always reflect the most current info.***  Please help us keep these lists updated and relevant by sending us any additional animal welfare resources, edits for current animal welfare resources, and any suggestions to


Higher Animal Welfare Meat, Dairy, and Pet Food Options in Greater DC

Home Delivery

Farm CSA/Buyers Club Pickup Sites and Farmers Market Stands

Grocery Stores with Higher Animal Welfare Farm Products

Restaurants with Higher Animal Welfare Farm Products

Vegan Restaurants

Great Vegan Substitutes for Meat and Dairy