Welcome to Humane DC

A local resource for improved animal welfare options for the greater Washington, DC area


We all want to live in an equitable, healthy, and conscientious world. A world where humans, animals, and the environment are treated with dignity and respect. Making changes to create this world can be difficult— busy schedules, limited resources, and limited access to information can discourage us from taking steps to improve what we eat, wear, and how we treat animals generally.
While more ethical consumption is not the answer to all of our problems, it is a big step to helping create the world we want to see. A plant-based diet can reduce a carbon footprint by 50% and adopting a pet helps reduce the millions of animals that are killed in shelters each year. Through every dollar you spend, you have the power to make change, and Humane DC can help! Humane DC makes small, every day change easier. Whether you are a long-time vegan, carnivore looking for more ethical and sustainable meat, or someone looking for animal-cruelty-free makeup, this website can help you find better food, clothes, cosmetics, bath products, and pet resources, all in your own backyard!